What Our Interns Say

Just some words about internship experience at P&G Switzerland.

our interns




Why are you passionate about CMK at P&G?

I get the chance to try the latest market research techniques, travel to see consumers around the world and I feel really empowered when coming to my projects.

Tell us about a challenging and meaningful day at work as an intern.

Even though I was new, I was fully responsible for my projects and I had the chance to manage different at the same time while measuring myself with much more experience colleagues. It was tough but this enabled me to become independent in a very short time to grow very quickly and gain self-confidence.

How has P&G’s Build from Within Culture impacted you?

I was an intern and thanks to a successful internship I was hired few months after the end of it.

Your growth and development is a strategic priority for P&G.  How have you experienced this at work?

Since day one I had the opportunity to lead strategic and challenging projects so that I could develop leadership, mastery and agility skills. My manager and my business partners always supported me through my path by advising, trusting and empowering me to take the key decisions. I had the opportunity to learn a lot from more experienced people and as well got the chance to join trainings on regular base which helped strengthening what I had learned during my day to day work.




What is the best thing about working at P&G?

Empowerment: you feel evaluated as someone that can really make the difference to the business since day 1 and it generates a great commitment to your job. “Responsibility from Day 1” it is not only a claim in P&G but it really reflects the work approach

What did you learn and experience while working at P&G?

Seeing every problem as an opportunity to show how you are able to proactively react and find a solution. In P&G you are not expected to be “perfect” but rather able to quickly respond and fix any possible issue raised.

Tell us about your meaningful or challenging day at work.

Due to the dynamicity of the job, everyday is characterized by a mix between the projects you are taking care of and day-by-day requests. Sometimes the second ones can be more challenging than the first ones. A meaningful day would be when you are able to find a smart solution to any of those, as well as when you see the final results of your projects and you got well appreciated by your colleagues. (Being part of the digital team, it will translates in seeing a page you designed going live or your YouTube channels gaining more and more view).