Lacin Oguz

Started her career as an intern at P&G, today she is Finance Director Europe Fabric Care

What motivates you about being a senior finance professional at P&G?

There are three things that motivate me the most: First and foremost the highly capable, passionate and inspiring people I work with every day. Growing their capability and simultaneously learning from them motivates me tremendously. Second, the fact that I continue to learn, get challenged and develop continuously with different assignments. Last, the accountability and the responsibility I get to shape the business and contribute to the organization.

What helped you succeed as a finance professional at P&G?

I get motivated from constantly learning, getting challenged and delivering results as well as from contributing as much as I can to the organization. I always asked for the challenging roles and once I demonstrated that I can deliver, it was much easier to succeed.

What advice would you give young talents who want to start a career in finance?

It’s important to believe in yourself, trust your abilities and take calculated risks when facing challenges. Once you demonstrate that you can deliver in challenging situations, you build not only your confidence but also others’.

What are the career choices you have made so far and how do you feel about them?

I have made my main choices around location. I have moved from Turkey to Geneva and then to Cincinnati. Especially the move to Cincinnati was a very tough one. I moved there as a single female and I knew only a very limited number of people there. The distance and the time difference to home were even more challenging. Despite all the challenges, I loved and still love living in Cincinnati& Geneva. I believe both experiences developed me tremendously, both professionally and personally.

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