What is the best thing about working at P&G?

The best thing about P&G is that you have responsibilities from day 1: intern or new hires are considered as business partners. P&G expects you to demonstrate leadership and ownership from the very beginning and give you the proper training to do so, which is really challenging and motivating.

Why are you passionate about finance at P&G?

When working in Finance in P&G, you are really close to the business and working with multifunctional teams: for example assessing the value of several scenarios (what product to launch or from where to source the products to be financially optimal). Finance in P&G is one of the core functions and we really contribute to the business. Moreover, finance is one of the functions that can allow you to work everywhere and develop variety of skills: you can work as financial analyst in one of the many plants or the manufacturing side, you can work in a country office on the selling or marketing side or in a global or regional office on the strategy side.

Your growth and development is a strategic priority for P&G.  How you have experienced this at work?

From the very beginning, you feel supported and there is a culture of coaching one another that I have seen nowhere else. During my internship, I had the chance to fly to Brussels to visit Fabric Care R&D but also to a fabric care plant in Amiens: this gave me more background on the product and on the business, which I can leverage in my daily work.

Describe a challenging and meaningful day at work as a new hire or as an intern.

During my internship, I was in charge of mapping the costs for the Unitdose business and study the competition globally. I was able to share my outcomes to the top management and make some valuable propositions to drive the Unitdose business during the annual summit. It was an opportunity to see how my work contributed to the business and to have exposure to top management.

How has P&G’s Build from Within Culture impacted you?

Build from Within culture is one of the thing that made me want to join P&G in the first place. P&G is investing in developing its people because majority of the employees are recruited at junior levels: the new hire of today can be the CEO or CFO of tomorrow. P&G develops you by proper training but also with country and job mobility enabling employees to change assignment and location. You always learn in P&G and never get bored!